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strength and conditioning london personal trainer marylebone, personal trainer highgate personal trainer hampsteadKayvan has developed a structured and tailored fitness routine for focused athlete and fitness enthusiasts, who need extra attention to their desired fitness level and sport.

Online Training, online personal trainer marylebone, personal trainer hampstead, personal trainer highgate, online strength and conditioningWhether you are a beginner and like to lose weight or lose body fat or you are an experienced and elite athlete Kayvan is able to maximize and enhance your performance level by providing individualized training plan to achieve this through his systematic training plan  

He will transform previously difficult-to-teach concepts, into visually instructive & motivating resources. His state-of-the-art training system includes anatomy links, 12-month periodization plans, energy systems development, fitness analysis modules plus many tools & calculators. These are just a few of the many outstanding features to help save you time and to dramatically increase the variety of fitness and sports training. The outcomes are endless - it all depends on your own imagination.

In conjunction with a professionally designed program you can use his online training system to

  • Learn new exercise techniques
  • Record and monitor training results
  • Send results to your coach for analysis and feedback

Kayvan  offer two levels of programming service for his online clients.

Personal trainer marylebone, Strength and Conditioning London, personal trainer Hampstead

Standard Program

 His Standard program will give you an easy to follow fitness program to develop general fitness. Each program is tailored to meet your specific goals, fitness level and available resources.


• 12-weeks of strength and conditioning program
• 2 program updates
• Unlimited phone and email supports
• General nutrition guidelines


Premium Program

His Premium program is for anyone who wants to achieve maximum results in minimum time. With this program he includes sophisticated training progressions and periodised programs for sport, military fitness or maximum fat loss.


• 12-week strength and conditioning program
• Separate programs for strength, endurance, sport or special forces if required
• Fortnightly program analysis and program review
• Unlimited phone and email supportS
• Personalised nutrition guidelines 

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