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Do you wish to...

  • Get in your ultimate shape by having a balanced diet exercise?
  • Lose body fat and maintain healthy lifestyle?
  • Evaluate your physical fitness and weight loss effectively?
  • Plan a rigorous body fat and weight loss workout?

Whether your goal is to lose weight or body fat, gain muscle mass or optimize your sports performance, Kayvan gives you the opportunity to do so, using a physical training plan, combined with a balanced diet, in the shortest period of time, Guaranteed!

In some cases his unique DNA fitness and nutrition analysis will help you to notice a big change to your body shape in as little as 9 days 

by identifing your genetic needs for a normal and healthy body weight.

. His Programs works by getting you into a natural state of fat burning, all day long

What do we test for?

 Weight Control DNA test detects mutations in certain genes which affect our susceptibility to weight gain and consequently to obesity. Also it detects mutations in genes that control nutrient (food) metabolism and your susceptibility to diseases, affecting not only your body weight but also your general health.

“The tendency we may have in gaining excessive weight is defined by your DNA, which is unique!”

What can you learn from your results?

• If you have an increased risk of obesity, in order to take the appropriate preventive measures according to your genetic profile.

• How your genes affect your feeding behavior and consequently your appetite, in order to use the appropriate appetite-suppressants and achieve loss of excessive weight.

• How your genes affect the lipolysis process (fat burning), in order to manage your risk of obesity more efficiently with the appropriate physical exercise.

• How your genes affect your metabolism, in order to properly adjust your diet to your personal nutritional needs.

Value Added Services

We also offer a number of services based on your DNA Weight Conrol DNA test results, including:

• A Personalized Nutritional Consultation and Diet plan for obesity management, with a calorie restriction diet

that does not put your health in danger.

• A Personalized Nutritional Consultation and Diet plan for optimal health, according to your personal daily


Personalised Nutritional Supplements

Your genetic profile can be used to provide you with personalised nutritional supplements which are:

• based on the results of your DNA test

• produced to satisfy the specific needs of your body

• necessary in your daily routine for weight loss and general wellbeing

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