Squats With Resistance Bands (Video)

Strength, power, agility, and speed  are important characteristics for elite basketball players.

Basketball is a multifaceted sport that requires tip-top physical fitness to be played successfully. From extensive use of a variety of olympic-style lifts, squats performance as a testing and training exercise considered a stable performance variable throughout the competitive season. 

However lot of athletes just waste this great exercise as they don’t realise traditional way of doing it has no movement transfer into their sports (in this case basketball). This rather need to be practiced with partial slowly in eccentric phase followed by a super fast hip and knee extensions in concentric phase. Its all about firing neuromuscular system as this get athletes faster and more explosive. 

Thats why for the purpose of explosiveness and the nature of the game I recommend all power work using resistance band where athletes to handle an eccentric acceleration for great workout. Just make sure to understand the depth of eccentric phase before acceleration process.

  • Stand with your arms holding resistance band at your sides, your feet shoulder width apart and pointing straight ahead.
  • Maintain perfect posture and initiate movement with your hips
  • Make sure your hips back and down and look straight ahead as you loading eccentrically (3-4 seconds recommended) 
  • Accelerate to a standing position by pushing through your hips
  • Keep your knees out
  • Try 2-4 sets of 3-5 with adequate rest