Feedback & Performance Training


Does feedback from your coach or your trainer improve athletes performance?



I was browsing my journal this week and this one caught my eyes and I believe it does great to athletes or non athletes and I thought to share it here. The study from NCAA Division I athletes showed On average, athletes performed 6% better when given immediate feedback.


Although sound like not much, but in elite competition 6% is the difference between gold medal and not finishing anywhere within reach of the qualification category, and certainly in non professional setting for clients and personal trainers are like a different between having a perfect motivating WOW workout or finishing a day in a miserable way of… boring Same Workout-Different Day! 


The study suggested that consistent feedback to athletes improved their overall trial tests during training time in order to achieve their best performance results. 

The conclusion is simple: Top quality coach and trainer who vigilant athlete's movements and monitor their training quality is part of huge performance success. 


Message is clear: the more thought and effort put into the feedback/evaluation, the more clients or athletes will find use of it. It’s not just human nature to know how we are doing, but it’s also a part of athletic development to give the feedback so athletes can develop in the game plan.


Its a great read. Find out more on NSCA JSCR.



Staub, Joseph et al. Positive Effects of Augmented Verbal Feedback on Power Production in NCAA Division I Collegiate Athletes. Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research: August 2013. Vol 27. Issue 8. p2067–2072.