Joint conditioning in your 40s: Maximize your time and effort.



    Taking your sprints to an incline presents a new challenge. As the body masters it, sprinting on a flat surface becomes more easily achieved over time. By substituting hill sprints, you increase fat burning as well as safely stressing the joints in a further stretched position. Keep the results coming by changing things up. Start with five sprints up 50 yards and increase reps and distance
    as you improve.

  2. SCISSOR CHIN HOLD Chin ups 

    A great exercise for your arms, legs and core is the scissor exercise done while holding a chin. The key is control, to be able to keep your legs bent at 90° and then open and cross repeatedly while holding the chin and 90° leg lift. Start with 5 to 10 per direction, crossing left over right then right over left Increase reps and add sets as you improve.


    Burpees have become mainstream, but when you do them the way I say to becomes much more challenging. After kicking your legs back into the push-up position, come back to legs under the body in a hop and immediately leap into a tuck jump. Return down after you land from the tuck jump, and kick back out into the plank or push-up position and repeat for 5 to 10. Increase those reps and sets over time. These take a bit of work to get used to as there is height to achieve as well as form to work for.