Guaranteed Weight Loss With Kayvan Seyri Personal Trainer In Marylebone, Mayfair and Kensington



  • Sustainable weight loss or weight gain through exercise and nutrition coaching – knowledge and skills for life.

  • Improving appearance and pain free living and movement through postural correction programs.

  • Optimise fitness, strength and flexibility through 100%  personalised exercise programs in minimum time.

  • Increase confidence and greater independence through improved functional strength.

  • Ability to perform primal movement patterns such as correct resistance training with confidence.

  • Increase stamina, energy level and vitality through understanding the right nutrition and exercise.

  • Mazimise sporting performance through sports specific strength and conditioning programs.



Clients having personal training in Marylebone and Mayfair areas who used to struggled to get out of chair pain-free, are now squatting and swimming with perfect form and understanding why these movement are so important to their everyday life. Those enjoy personal training outdoor in Hampstead or Highgate, are exercising in perfect forms and engaging in a wider sporting activities outdoor such as Triathlon, Cycling, Running, Tennis and playing Basketball. I have taken people from a state of constant pain into free and fluid movement

If you just want to go through the motions and walk on a treadmill to watch TV or sit in a machine to check on Facebook, you can join a gym. If you want few weeks of injury potential and torture and then back to old habits, go to boot-camp, do an online body make over challenge or buy crazy fitness DVDs. If you want to become malnourished, use diet shakes or jump on board the latest celebrity fad diet. But if you want to learn how your body is meant to move, how to exercise effectively in 30 minutes per day, how to eat true food for optimum health and how to get stronger, fitter and healthier and stay that way for the rest of your life – come and see me asap. I will work with you as a strength and conditioning coach and will help to motivate you. All you need is a positive attitude - and if you do not have one yet, I will help you to get one! In turn, you will enjoy training with me because of my:

- Extraordinary Motivational Skills.
- Honesty, Integrity and Discretion.
- Excellent Communication Skills.
- Punctuality & Reliability.
- Proven personal training system.
- exceptional International sporting background.

I committed to providing you the most innovative personal training programs to help you lose weight, lose body fat effectively and achieve optimal results. With excellent reputation as an experienced personal trainer in Marylebone, North West London, West and Central London I provide a range of proven techniques to suit your individual needs. Your personal fitness program will be meticulously designed to help you achieving life-changing results with your convenience in mind.

For your free consultation, please call me on: 0788 155 46 36

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Kayvan's Philosophy

  • Performance Evaluations +

    No matter what level you train at, all clients and athletes receive extensive fitness evaluations
  • Performance Mindset +

    Positively focusing on and developing your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and vision to develop a game plan.
  • Performance Nutrition +

    Purposefully selecting indulging food and incorporate powerful nutritional habits into your lifestyle to enhance your stamina & resilience.
  • Performance Movement +

    Utilising concept of human movement science to reduce pain, as well as boosting your overall performance potential.
  • Performance Recovery +

    Purposeful Regeneration Days are an important component of your training to maximizes sustainable success.
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